Open Minded

Offering an assortment of Californian inspired summer looks Publish have chosen a late ’80s vibe for this summer. With tie-dyes, acid washing and dip dyes among some of the prevalent designs appearing in the collcetion thye would make a great wearable look if your still searching for a last minute summer buy.

publish-brand-summer-2015-lookbook-07 publish-brand-summer-2015-lookbook-11 publish-brand-summer-2015-lookbook-09 publish-brand-summer-2015-lookbook-04 publish-brand-summer-2015-lookbook-05 publish-brand-summer-2015-lookbook-03 publish-brand-summer-2015-lookbook-06 publish-brand-summer-2015-lookbook-08 publish-brand-summer-2015-lookbook-10 publish-brand-summer-2015-lookbook-02 publish-brand-summer-2015-lookbook-01 publish-brand-summer-2015-lookbook-00 publish-brand-summer-2015-lookbook-12


About Kirsty Smith Photographer

UK based fashion and sportswear photographer.

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